Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wedding Videography cake cutting scene

Here's an example of a real time cake cutting sequence shot as part of a wedding video, wedding cinema.

You see, we shoot scenes like this in real time to give the viewer a sense of being at the actual wedding. With this style of cinematography, the clip can be used without having to add music or make cuts in the sequence. This makes for a more fluid and organic style wedding cinema experience.

Note that the shooting style is hand held but with minimal shake added. Any camera shake was intentional as we utilize the handheld style to heighten realism. Also, we do not use any lights in this situation as natural light always yields the most organic results.

This wedding reception cake cutting video was filmed at Dominics Restaurant in South San Francisco, CA.

The DJ you hear in the background is Woody from Big Fun DJ's.

The photographer for this wedding was wedding photographer Michael Soo.

But keep in mind we offer both photo and cinema so please contact us for a package that includes both photo and cinema.

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